Story telling Designed for today

John Sellers

Creative Director 

John is our founder and lead consultant for small business development. 

Design in Martin, TN

Tanya Chopra

Studio Manager

Tanya handles all operation in our studio and lead communications with our clients. 


Courtney Sellers

Lead Story Consultant 

Courtney is our lead story consultant. She manages all story boarding and coordinates our creative team's ideas into one of a kind content. 

Welcome to Fernweh Fox

Fernweh Fox is a Media, design and production company. Check us out at our creative studio in downtown Martin, Tennessee! 


Where we started

The word Fernweh can be defined as, "a longing for a faraway place you have never been." This word hits home for founders John and Courtney Sellers. Their love for helping non-profits and businesses tell their stories through photography, branding and production has prompted an expansive creative network of Media Designers, Photographers and Film-Makers.  Just as the founders have a passion to travel to new countries and experience new cultures, Fernweh Fox has a rooted desire to share the story which has not yet been told. 


Where We Are

Currently, the Fernweh Fox To-do List is filled with exciting projects for both local businesses and international non-profits. On October 1, 2016 Fernweh Fox moved in an amazing new creative studio in Martin, Tennessee! We are excited to be setting roots in Martin,Tennessee and to be able to offer the best design and film service in the surrounding area. The Fernweh Fox team is constantly on the move! To see updates on what's baking, follow Fernweh Fox on Facebook.


Where we're going

The future is exciting for Fernweh Fox! There are several trips planned for contracted projects and new clients inquiring about our services every day. There are so many inspiring stories around us. Every business, every cause, every student, every couple, every client deserves for that story to be properly communicated to the world.